When you make a booking with Ing Travel you undertake that you have the authority to accept and
do accept these booking conditions on behalf of yourself and your party. A contract shall be deemed
to have been made between Ing Travel and The Customer, when the Customer has confirmed
requirements verbally or by e-mail, and Ing Travel has accepted such booking by sending a

Your contract is made with Ing Travel ehf, Viðarrimi 26, 112 Reykjavík Iceland.
It is essential that upon receipt of our confirmation that the Customer check the tour details that Ing
Travel has made and confirmed and inform Ing Travel immediately of any errors. Where this is not
done, and there is an unreasonable delay in notifying any apparent discrepancies in the confirmed
arrangements, Ing Travel will not be responsible for any charges that may arise because of
alterations that have to be made to the travel service booking.
Customers must be at least 18 years old to make a booking with the Agency. By making a booking,
Customers warrant that they meet the eligibility requirements.


The prices for guided tours are displayed on Ing Travels website or provided upon request. Prices are
quoted in the local currency or as otherwise indicated by Ing Travel.
Ing Travel reserves the right to modify the advertised prices and tour arrangements before accepting
a booking. However, once a booking is confirmed, the price is guaranteed unless there are
exceptional circumstances beyond Ing Travels control.
Ing Travel requires a non-refundable 20% deposit of the total itinerary cost to confirm your booking.
When the booking is made less than six (6) weeks before the beginning of the program, the total
amount must be paid in full.
If Customer has made multiple payments, the final balance is to be paid at least four (4) weeks prior
to the beginning of the tour. In case of delays on payments, Ing Travel reserves the right to treat this
as a cancellation and withdraw its confirmation of the services.
Payment for the Customers travel service can be made via international bank transfer or credit card
(VISA or MasterCard).
Where payment is made by bank transfer in a foreign currency (EUR, GBP, or USD), each payment (if
there are multiple payments) is subject to the exchange rate provided by Ing Travel on the issuing
date of the invoice.
Where payment is made by credit card, Ing Travel reserves the right to pass on the appropriate 2%
processing charge (VISA, MasterCard) when the Customers deposit and balance payments are made.

Please note that Ing Travels payment terms may differ from what is stated above and is dependent
on the itinerary and on our suppliers’ payment policies. Customers will be informed clearly before
booking confirmation.


All prices given to Customers are displayed including VAT and all other taxes unless stated differently
the confirmation email.
After the final invoice has been issued, the price given to the Customer is fixed and guaranteed
unless given in a foreign currency (see below).
Any tour quoted in a foreign currency is subject to exchange rate fluctuation. If no proof of payment
is given to Ing Travel within one week (7 days) after the issue of the invoice, Ing Travel reserves the
right to send a new invoice based on a new exchange rate.


Customers may cancel their booking at any time providing that the cancellation is made in writing to
Ing Travel. The cancellation will be effective from the date Ing Travel receives the written notice.
Cancellation charges may apply, and the amount of such charges depends on the time of
cancellation. The Customer will receive a prompt refund of the amount paid (excluding any
amendment charge if there are any) less the cancellation fees specified below:

Up to 42 days prior to the beginning of the tour: 20% of the full amount
14 to 41 days prior to the beginning of the tour: 40% of the full amount
7 to 13 days prior to the beginning of the tour: 80% of the full amount
Less than 6 days prior to the beginning of the tour: 100% of the full amount

Please note that Ing Travels cancellation terms are dependent on the itinerary and on our suppliers’
cancellation policies.
Cancellation of one or more passengers within a group may cause a price increase for the group or a
cancellation fee as detailed above.
If the reason for Customers cancellation is covered under the terms of their insurance policy, they
may be able to reclaim some or all the cancellation charges.


Requests for amendments to a confirmed booking must be made in writing to Ing Travel. Ing Travel
will use its best efforts to accommodate such requests, subject to availability and any additional

costs or charges. Customers will be responsible for any charges (whether made by Ing Travel or the
suppliers of the various experience components) that result from such amendment.


Ing Travel reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to the scheduled departure date due to
insufficient bookings, force majeure events, or other reasons beyond its control. In the event of
cancellation, Ing Travel will offer Customers the choice of a full refund or an alternative tour of
comparable value, subject to availability.


Ing Travel may need to make changes to the itinerary, accommodations, transportation, or other
elements of the guided tour due to factors beyond its control, such as weather conditions or
unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, Ing Travel will make reasonable efforts to provide suitable
alternatives and notify Customers of any significant changes as soon as possible.


Ing Travel shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage, delay, or expense arising from or related to
the guided tour. In all arrangements involving third parties, Ing Travel acts only as the agent of the
Customer and no liability of any kind whatsoever shall be attached to Ing Travel in connection with
or arising from such arrangement with a third party.


Ing Travel strongly recommends that all Customers obtain appropriate travel insurance to cover any
unforeseen circumstances or losses (comprehensive travel insurance) prior to departure.
Customers acknowledge that participation in guided tours involves certain inherent risks and accept
full responsibility for their personal safety and well-being during the tour.